Miss Uttarakhand 2023

Eligibility Criteria

  • AGE: 18 – 25 YEARS (25 AS OF DECEMBER 31, 2022)

Participants Registration

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  1. The applicant agrees to abide by all rules as may be changed from time to time by the Organizer.
  2. The applicant is not / has not been married and has never had a marriage annulled.
  3. The applicant should be a natural born female.
  4. The applicant of the applicant’s immediate family should not be related to any person employed with the organizers and their sub contractors. Or any of the judges in case of such a relation the applicant shall disclose the same immediately.
  5. If the applicant wins the title of Miss. Uttarakhand then shall not participate in any other pageant till the time the Title is held by her. Unless authorized in writing by Sinmit Communications.
  6. The applicant must be an Indian citizen.
  7. The Organizers/Event managers shall not to be responsible for any delays or non-receipt of applications for any reason whatsoever.
  8. Based on the information the applicants sends to us the panel of judges will short-lists the applicant for the preliminary rounds.
  9. The photographs are non-returnable and can be used anywhere at sole discretion of Sinmit.
  10. If the applicant is selected from the preliminary, the applicant shall enter into a separate contact with the organizers and shall go through a compulsory training program at Dehradun/Hardwar. The applicant will have to bear all expenses of travelling required to be under taken during the contest.
  11. The applicant shall participate in disciplined and diligent manner through the training program as per the schedule to be given, and participate an all the rehearsal.
  12. The Organizer shall not be responsible do not make good the prizes promised by them during the contest.
  13. All prizes are subject to deduction of tax of source and all other taxes. As required by law.
  14. The Organizer shall not be responsible for any loss of physical injury that may be suffered by the applicant during their participation in the pageant. The applicant shall participate at her own risk and shall have no claim against Organizer or the sponsors and their sub- contractors, or any of the judges.
  15. Incorrect information shall result in disqualification, whether discovered prior to, during or after the final contest.
  16. Decision of the judges shall be final in all cases.
  17. Only person of good health and moral characters can participate.
  18. Only the applicant will be allowed inside the designated venue for the preliminaries.
  19. All travel and accommodation in connection with qualifying for or participation in the preliminary-rounds shall be applicants sole responsibility, all risk & cost and expenses regardless of whether selected or not for the final contest.
  20. The selected applicants will be intimated by a telephone call / E-mail / courier about the schedule of the contest. If, the Short-listed applicant does not acknowledge the receipt of the schedule within 3 days of receiving it, the organizers deserve the right to disqualify the applicant.
  21. Any material ideas, concepts, communication, information, shoot, etc. made available of obtained by the organizers for this contest shall be the property of Sinmit Communications.
  22.  Sinmit Communications have the right to exhibit, distribute, display, transmit, perform, publish, promote and publicize, the information/photographs for any purpose in any format or media.
  23. Schedule of events and qualifications rounds are subject to change at the discretion of the organizers.
  24. The organizers shall not be responsible for non-telecast of the show/non- completion /non- occurrence of the contest and the applicant shall not be entitled for any kind of compensation in this regard.
  25. In the event of any dispute, the decision of Sinmit Communications shall be final and binding on the applicant.
  26. The courts at Dehradun shall have the jurisdiction over all disputes that may arise regarding the contest Miss. Uttarakhand.
  27. The finals will be held at Dehradun at a venue to be notified later.
  28. Application fee/expenses incurred for the event by the contestants are non refundable.